Amplify Peace

Saving Syrian Lives

Amplify Peace: Saving Syrian Lives is a multi-genre tour featuring Arab American artists Omar Offendum, Bassel & the Supernaturals, Kayem and Ronnie Malley & Turath Ensemble. The tour, spearheaded by the Syrian American Medical Society (SAMS), aims to increase awareness of the critical medical relief work being done in and around Syria for those impacted by war. Specifically, the tour highlights SAMS psychosocial programs, helping Syrians at home and in displacement heal from trauma using creative outlets, including art therapy and play therapy.

The artists selected for the tour are deeply committed to the cause, and represent a diverse array of American artists, both in background and music styles ranging from Hip Hop and Spoken Word to Soul and Traditional Middle Eastern Music. Each artist is active both on and off the stage in speaking about their backgrounds and drawing attention to the causes dear to them. With the Amplify Peace Tour, these artists are joining forces and bringing together their combined talents to support and raise awareness and funds for the humanitarian crisis in Syria.